Hong kong economic times case

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Hong kong economic times case

The suppliers of the company are mostly the journalists who report the news and write columns in the newspapers. These journalists are the employees of the company and it is their job to supply the newspaper with the relevant and highly accurate news of the different columns and categories of the newspaper.

Hong kong economic times case

Other than the journalists, the company also hires some economic and financial experts who are paid to write columns in the newspaper of the company. It is evident that the suppliers of the company are the employees of the company and they are paid to do the job therefore; their bargaining power is low.

The direct competition in the industry with the traditional newspapers of the Hong Kong industry is quite low as most of them are suffering due to the transformation of the technology and their sales and revenues are also fast shrinking. Due to this reason, most of the traditional competitors of the company like Apple Daily, Sing Taoand Ming Pao are reducing their operational costs and budgets and this is leading them out of the competition.

However; the competition with the non-traditional news organization, such as free newspapers and electronic media have become the biggest rivals and competitors of the company due to their ever increasing market share.

Diversification and Differentiation Strategies: The chairman of the HKET Group Lawrence Fung realized that the sole service and product of the company as an economic newspaper for the business community will not survive the changing dynamics of the environment and the market.

The trends of the customers of the industry and the technology are fast transforming the business culture of the industry. To reduce the dependency of the company on a single product, the management of the company has adopted a strategy of diversification and differentiation.

The management of the company has swiftly expanded and diversified the business in terms of the products and the segments in which the business operates. The business has introduced offerings like ET Net, ET Wealth and magazines for the customers in the markets where the business operates.

The business has also diversified itself by launching into business consultancy and Business College. The diversification strategy of the management of the company is based on four key principles.

The first critical component of this strategy is that each new diversification initiative of the company must be in line of the long term goals of the company.

The second element of the strategy is that the initiative must possess attractive opportunities and growth for the business. The third element of the strategy is that the business must have professionals who can achieve the proposed initiative and the last element is that the planning of the business must be effective and comprehensive.

The differentiation strategy of the management of the company has evolved as per the changing market dynamics and the stages of maturity of the business. The differentiation strategy of the management of the company can be described in four phases.

The strategy in the first phase of the company was to make the business the market leader in the industry. The strategy for the second phase of the company was to provide highest quality services to the users and costumers. The strategy for the third phase of the business was to diversify the newspaper of the business into a business information product from a financial newspaper and the strategy for the fourth phase of the business was to make the information and services available for the middle income individuals along with the professionals and corporate executives………………….

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The two Koreas offer another example. They shared the same culture and had a similar level of development when they separated in HONG KONG (AP) — China has defended its decision to refuse to renew the work visa of a Financial Times editor in Hong Kong, in a case that has drawn concern over the shrinking space for free speech in the Chinese territory.

Hong Kong Economic Times Group Case Solution. Question 1: Porter Five Forces: Threat of new entrants: The threat of new entrants in the newspaper industry has increased drastically with the transformation of the industry and introduction of internet in the society in not just the Hong Kong but, in the entire world.

The populations all over the world including the Hong Kong have inclined. Hong Kong has recently been named the most livable city in the world. This title not only sounds unbelievable, but also comes as an ironic reminder to those Hong Kongers who have recently took the.

May 18, New Jitters for Hong Kong: In Economics, as in Politics, China Exerts Control By EDWARD A. GARGAN t was supposed to be a lift-the-glass rally for the future of Hong Kong business.

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