The changes in my perspective growing up

Mom of 8 Parenting Little People Puberty is the physical process of growing from a girl to a young woman.

The changes in my perspective growing up

I would like to start off by saying that I, in no way, want to or intend to offend anyone with my posts. This is just my perspective from what I am experiencing while transitioning into the role of a military wife eventually. I was the girl with a plan, a loose plan, but a plan. See, I changed my major four different times.

The last time I changed my major was the Fall semester of my Junior year. I had just walked out of my first Marketing course, picked up the phone, called my Father and let him know that the light bulb finally went off for me. I was a business woman in the making and I was planning my dreams.

These dreams consisted of, eventually, becoming a Marketing Director for a Fortune company. After college, I landed an OK job. However, the job moved me to Lake Placid, NY, miles away from all of my family and friends. Though the job was subpar, this was a huge growing experience for me on a personal level.

We were both in completely different stages of our lives when we were introduced to each other by a mutual friend. My then job was a temporary position that was getting ready to end, and to be honest, I had no real plan in place for what would happen next.

Our time seemed pretty limited together, we both knew this. But, for some reason we continued to see each other. Eventually I was offered a position that would relocate me to Syracuse, NY.

So, he would be in Alabama and I would by in New York. We decided to make it work, whatever we had seemed too good to let go of. After a year in Syracuse I was offered a transfer home to Ohio. A few months ago we found out that once he finished flight school he would be getting stationed in Germany.

I had a great job at the time, honestly, I had a great life. Other than the fact I was in Ohio and he was in Alabama.

The changes in my perspective growing up

Anyways, my job was great. I had coworkers that became friends, a nice and steady income, I was in the field my degree was in and the company was constantly evolving.

Then we received the surprise of a lifetime. I think we both had made up our minds that he would get his first pick of Colorado, so when he received word that it was Germany, it felt more like a surprise than it should have. Living overseas had always been a dream of mine. I would love to work for an international company that allowed me to live internationally or travel internationally.

It was all built into that plan I mentioned at the beginning. It took me awhile to accept this.Nov 10,  · A: I was fascinated by the changes occurring with me and my own siblings.

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I had a need to have my sister back in my life, and as I pursued that and we reconnected, I . Home ; Bio ; Vitae ; Publications ; Projects ; Contact. Pride and arrogance destroy but grace and mercy build up. I am still growing in this area.

The changes in my perspective growing up

And I hope you are, too. 4 thoughts on “ Grace That Changes ” mar59flem says I am still growling in that area too.

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I have seen a different perspective, and appreciate what you are saying, really encourages me. Leslie A says: August 3, at. Growing up, we also go through a developmental phase that involves our place in a group or on a team. We discover ways to make contributions to a larger whole—family, work, sports or other cultural group–that honour the group as well as our own preferences for contributing.

Perspective changes everything, doesn’t it? Sometimes all that’s needed is to look at an idea from the perspective of someone else, or to actually hear the perspective of the other person, to help us see that we might be a little off-base.

Growing up, I don't think I saw disability the same way other people did because of my experience playing with kids at physical therapy. I was quick to stick up for kids who were bullied, too, and never became a bully myself thanks in part to my experiences with my sister.

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